Life.. everyone has different definitions of life.. many ways and point of view to see life.. life is never same for everyone and it obviously never treats everyone in a similar way.. It definitely gives everyone ups and downs to face but at a different time.. I, myself have many opinions and point of view of life.. To me sometimes life is very clear and sorted and many times it seems to be so complicated. But for me one thing is clear about life that it never gives a second chance.. yes it might give me another reason to live, to inspire, to be motivated but it never repeats what it has given earlier.

At this stage of my life, at the age of 20 I have found my life only in one word “RAHUL”.. A guy who is filled up with lots of love, care and humanity.. This boy😅 yohhh.. sometimes he is so cute and naughty.. feels like 2 year old baby is in front of me.. and anger😰 GOD! it always stays on his nose but he gets convinced very quickly also, and for that just need to give him love.. He is a pure soul, full of enthusiasm and lots of pain but always smiling.. For me he is a magician.. just came into my life and changed it and makes me feel like I’m in a paradise.. I’m proud that I love this man! Grateful to have him in my life..

Life did not give me a second chance but it gave me a new life in form of Rahul.. with whom I’m always happy and cheerful.. he makes me forgets all my pain and sorrow.. supports like my support system.. always there for me like my shadow… even now life gives ups and downs but with him ups are so high till the sky and downs are not so down coz he holds my back.. he is my backbone.. and I love him to the core.. no actually I life him.. because he is my LIFE…